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Founded as a quarterly by John Brooke-Little in 1952, The Coat of Arms (CoA) is now in its third series, which commenced in 2005 under the editorship of Clive Cheesman and Peter O’Donoghue. The journal now comes out twice a year and is intended to publish original scholarly research on heraldry and allied subjects. Read more.

Right, a silver gilt badge consisting of a heraldic boar, found at the site of the Battle of Bosworth and almost certainly worn by an adherent of Richard III. See the article by Robert W. Jones in the current number of CoA for a full discussion. Image by courtesy of Leicestershire Museums.

In the current issue

CoA (3rd ser.) 11 (2015), part 1: no 229

  • The earliest heraldic harness pendants. By John Baker.
  • A silver boar on Bosworth Field: the significance of the livery badge on the medieval battlefield. By Robert W. Jones.
  • Badges and ‘crests’: the twentieth-century relationship between heraldry and football. By David Llewelyn Phillips.
  • The first Portcullis Pursuivant? By Vance Mead
  • Original patents of augmentations in Venetian archives (part 1). By Sebastian A. Nelson.
  • Edmund Lodge’s misadventure. By Clive Cheesman.
  • Book reviews; project report; and the usual round-ups of recent finds, conferences and other items of interest.