The journal of The Heraldry Society

 The arms of Sir Reynold Carnaby at Hexham Abbey House. Drawn by Peter F. Ryder

Founded as a quarterly by John Brooke-Little in 1952, The Coat of Arms (CoA) is now in its third series, which commenced in 2005 under the editorship of Clive Cheesman and Peter O’Donoghue. The journal now comes out twice a year and is intended to publish original scholarly research on heraldry and allied subjects. Read more.

Right, the arms of Sir Reynold Carnaby, carved on the exterior wall of Hexham Abbey House, Northumberland, in 1539 and now seen to show the augmentation granted to him five years previously on the petition of the Earl of Northumberland. Drawn by Peter F. Ryder. See the current number of CoA for a full discussion.

In the current issue

CoA (3rd ser.) 10 (2014), part 1: no 227

  • The codification of heraldry in Malory’s Le Morte Darthur. By Sarah Brazil.
  • On the concepts of ‘Great’ and ‘Sovereign’ Orders. By Antti Matikkala.
  • The seal of Margaret de Hoyland. By Clive Cheesman.
  • The arms of Sir Reynold Carnaby at Hexham Abbey House, 1539. By Peter F. Ryder.
  • The coat of arms of José de Escandón, founding father of South Texas. By Sebastian A. Nelson
  • Artefacts recently reported under the Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme.
  • Conferences, lectures, websites and podcasts.