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2016-19-comptonFounded as a quarterly by John Brooke-Little in 1952, The Coat of Arms (CoA) is now in its third series, which commenced in 2005 under the editorship of Clive Cheesman and Peter O’Donoghue. The journal now comes out twice a year and is intended to publish original scholarly research on heraldry and allied subjects. Read more.

Illustrated, a silver post-medieval seal matrix found in 2016 in the parish of Compton in West Sussex, near the Ladyholt estate of the Carylls, whose arms it shows. The small star or ‘mullet’ indicates a third son, possibly Richard Caryll (1635-1701). See the round-up of recently reported artefacts of heraldic interest in the current number of CoA for a fuller discussion. Illustration by courtesy of the Portable Antiquities Scheme.