Abbreviations used in CoA

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-2]This page lists standard abbreviations and recurring short titles used in CoA. The list is also printed at the end of each volume of the journal. In this section of the website you will also find detailed notes on the preferred style of citation and blazon used in the journal. The full guidance notes which they form part of can be downloaded as a pdf (for which you will need a pdf programme such as Adobe Acrobat reader) and as a document in MS Word; click on the links to the right. To return to the introductory guidance, click here.

Al. Cant. J. and J. A. Venn, Alumni Cantabrigienses (2 parts in 10 vols., Cambridge 1922-54)
Al. Ox. J. A. Foster, Alumni Oxonienses (2 series in 8 vols., London 1887-92)
Ant. J. Antiquaries’ Journal
ar. argent
b born
Balfour Paul, Ordinary Sir James Balfour Paul, Ordinary of Arms (second edn., Edinburgh 1903)
BL The British Library, London
BM The British Museum, London
BM Seals W. de G. Birch, Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum (6 vols., London 1887-1900)
Bod. The Bodleian Library, Oxford
Boutell, rev. JBL Boutell’s Heraldry, revised by J. P. Brooke-Little (rev. edn., London 1970)
BRS The British Record Society
Burke, GA J. and J. B. Burke, The General Armory (London 1842; enlarged edn. London 1878, re-issued with a supplement 1884). Unless otherwise specified, a citation of this book refers to the frequently reprinted edition and supplement of 1884.
Burke, LG J. and J. B. Burke (original editors), A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry (first edn., 3 vols. 1843-9; many subsequent edns.) Cite by year only; e.g. ‘Burke, LG 1952′. Editions and their years are conveniently listed in Burke’s Family Index (London 1976). The following more recent edition needs to be added:
Burke, LG Scot. 2001 Burke’s Landed Gentry of Great Britain together with members of the titled and non-titled contemporary establishment. 19th edn., volume 1: The Kingdom in Scotland; ed. Peter Beauclerk Dewar (Wilmington, Delaware, 2001)
Burke, PB J. and J. B. Burke (original editors), A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage. Cite by year only: e.g. ‘Burke, PB 1970′. To the editions listed in Burke’s Family Index add the following two:
Burke, PB 1999 Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage. 106th edn., ed. Charles Mosley (Crans, Switzerland, 1999)
Burke, PB 2003 Burke’s Peerage Baronetage & Knightage. Clan Chiefs. Scottish Feudal Barons. 107th edn., ed. Charles Mosley (Wilmington, Delaware, 2003)
CA The College of Arms, London
CChR Calendar of Charter Rolls
CClR Calendar of Close Rolls
CEMRA A. R. Wagner, A Catalogue of English Medieval Rolls of Arms (Aspilogia 1, London 1950)
CFR Calendar of Fine Rolls
CIMisc. Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous
CIPM Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem
CLR Calendar of Liberate Rolls
CoA The Coat of Arms
co. comitatu: in the county of
Coll. Top. & Gen. Collectanea Topographica & Genealogica (1834-43)
CPR Calendar of Patent Rolls
CSP Col. Calendar of State Papers, Colonial
CSP Dom. Calendar of State Papers, Domestic
CSP For. Calendar of State Papers, Foreign
CSP Ire. Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland
CSP Ven. Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts relating to English Affairs existing in the Archives and Collections of Venice
CTB Calendar of Treasury Books
CTP Calendar of Treasury Papers
CUL Cambridge University Library
DBA The Dictionary of British Arms. Medieval Ordinary. Vol. 1 edd. D. H. B. Chesshyre and T. Woodcock (London 1992). Vol. 2 edd. T. Woodcock, Hon. J. Grant and I. Graham (London 1996). Vol. 3 edd. T. Woodcock and S. Flower (London 2009).
Debrett J. Debrett (original editor), Debrett’s Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland (London 1802). Many subsequent edns. with various titles down to Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage, ed. Charles Kidd (London 2003). Cite by year only.
d. died
div. divorce(d)
DNB The Dictionary of National Biography. Unless specified otherwise, the original edition is intended. The 2004 edition may be referred to as Oxford DNB or ‘the new DNB‘.
erm. ermine
EM Earl Marshal
Fairbairn Fairbairn’s Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland (fourth edn., 2 vols., London and Edinburgh 1905).
Fox-Davies, AF Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, Armorial Families. A Directory of Gentlemen of Coat Armour (first edn., Edinburgh 1895; seventh and last edn., 2 vols., London 1929. Cite by year only.
fun. cert. funeral certificate
GEC G. E. C[okayne], Complete Peerage (first edn., 8 vols., London and Exeter 1887-98; revised and enlarged edn. by Hon. Vicary Gibbs and others [G. E. C.’s editorship nominal], 13 vols. in 14, London 1910-59; supplement vol. 14, Stroud 1998). Unless otherwise specified the revised edition is intended.
Genealogical Mag. The Genealogical Magazine (1897-1904)
Genealogist The Genealogist (1876-1922)
Genealogist’s Mag. The Genealogist’s Magazine (1922-)
Gent’s Mag. The Gentleman’s Magazine. Up to 1810 cite by year and page number only: thus Gent’s Mag. 1779, p. 643. From 1810 the pagination started afresh halfway through the year, so cite (e.g.) Gent’s Mag. 1843 (ii), p. 221.
Godfrey & Wagner, CA Walter H. Godfrey and Sir Anthony Wagner, with H. Stanford London, The College of Arms (London Survey Committee monograph 16: London 1963)
Grantees of Arms Joseph Foster, ed. W. Harry Rylands, Grantees of Arms named in Docquets and Patents to the end of the Seventeenth Century (Harl. Soc. pubns. vol. 66, London 1915).
gu. gules
H & G Herald and Genealogist (1863-74)
Harl. Soc. Harleian Society
Hist. Parl. The History of Parliament. Cite the various parts in the form Hist. Parl.: The Commons 1660-90.
HMC Historical Manuscripts Commission. The folio series of HMC reports may be cited in the form HMC Seventh Report (1881); the octavo series as HMC Portland IV (1891).
IPM inquisitio post mortem
JBAA Journal of the British Archaeological Association
m. married
marr. marriage
MI monumental inscription
Misc. Her. & Gen. Miscellanea Heraldica et Genealogica (1874-1938)
Moule, Bib. Her. Thomas Moule, Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnae Britanniae (London 1822)
N & Q Notes & Queries
NEHGR New England Heraldic and Genealogical Register
NLW The National Library of Wales
OED Oxford English Dictionary
OIOC Oriental and India Office Collections
Pap. Reg. Entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland. Either Papal Letters (14 vols., 1894-1961) or Petition to the Pope (one vol., 1897).
Papworth J. W. Papworth, ed. Alfred W. Morant, Ordinary of British Armorials (London 1872)
PCC Prerogative Court of Canterbury
PCY Prerogative Court of York
PPR Principal Probate Registry
PRABScot Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland
PRO Public Record Office
PROME The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, gen. ed. C. Given-Wilson, edd. P. Brand, A. Curry, R. E. Horrox, G. Martin, W. M. Ormrod, J. R. S. Phillips (16 vols., Woodbridge 2005: also online at and
purp. purpure
qtly. quarterly
Reid & Wilson, Ordinary Ordinary of Arms volume II, edd. David Reid of Robertland and Miss Vivien Wilson (Edinburgh 1977)
Rietstap J. B. Rietstap, Armorial Général (2nd ed., 2 vols., Paris 1884-7, with 8 supplement vols. and 6 vols. of illns. by V. and H. V. Rolland, Lyons 1904-54)
RP Rotuli Parliamentorum (6 vols., ed. J. Strachey, 1767-77, repr. 1783, with index 1832).
sa. sable
Shaw, Knights Wm. A. Shaw, with G. D. Burtchaell, The Knights of England (2 vols., London 1906).
Siddons, DWH Michael Powell Siddons, The Development of Welsh Heraldry (4 vols., Aberystwyth 1991-3, 2007). Volume 2 (A Welsh Armorial) may be cited as DWH 2; volume 3 (An Ordinary of Welsh Arms together with Mottoes of Welsh Families) as DWH 3; and volume 4 (supplementary volume) as DWH 4.
Soc. Ant. The Society of Antiquaries of London
s.p.(m.) sine prole (mascula): without (male) issue
TNA The National Archives. Documents held in The National Archives may continue to be additionally ascribed for clarity’s sake to either the PRO or the HMC: TNA (PRO) or TNA (HMC).
unm. unmarried
V&A The Victoria & Albert Museum, London
VCH The Victoria County History. Specific county histories may be cited as, e.g., VCH Bucks, VCH Oxon and so forth.
vt. vert
WG 1 P. C. Bartrum, Welsh Genealogies A.D. 300-1400 (8 vols., Cardiff 1974). Cite by ancestral or regional heading, e.g. Adam ab Ifor 1, Tegeingl 5.
WG 2 P. C. Bartrum, Welsh Genealogies A.D. 1400-1500 (18 vols., Aberystwyth 1983). Cite as for WG 1. A descent running from WG 1 to WG 2 with the same name and number may be cited simply by reference to WG.