Volume 2 (2006)

Part 1 (no 211)

Memoir and bibliography

  • John Archibald Goodall, FSA (1930-2005) (pp. 1-10, with plate 3).


  • The English in the Golden Fleece group of armorials. By Steen Clemmensen (pp. 11-44).
  • The matula in heraldry: the grant of arms to Lewis Caerlion. By Paul A. Dreschnack (pp. 45-8, with plate 1).
  • The Bridgeman Tomb, St Laurence’s, Ludlow. By Janet Verasanso (pp. 49-54, with plate 2).

Review article

  • Gentry at the centre: The Visitation of London begun in 1687. By Jacob Field (pp. 55-60).


  • Hye, Wappen in Tirol. By Michael Göbl (pp. 61-3).
  • Lautens, Noble Hearts: the Order of St Joachim. By Clive Cheesman (pp. 63-5).
  • The Cambridge Illuminations. By Timothy Noad (pp. 65-8).
  • Lions rampant: an Arundel Castle study day. By Peter O’Donoghue (pp. 68-70).

Part 2 (no 212)

Note and bibliography

  • John Philip Brooke-Little, CVO, MA, FHS (1927-2006) (pp. 1-10, with plate 3) (pp. 77-81).


  • The martyrdom of Edmund Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (1285-1326). By Michael Burtscher (pp. 83-96, with plates 1 and 2).
  • Fourteenth-century ordinaries of arms, part 1: Thomas Jenyns’ Book. By Paul A. Fox (pp. 97-102).
  • Letters patent appointing Edward Pike Deputy Herald for Devon, 1688. By Adrian Ailes (pp. 103-6, with plate 3).
  • Heralds at the Delhi Durbars. By Peter O’Donoghue (pp. 107-24, with plate 4).

Shorter notes

  • The English in the Golden Fleece group of armorials. By Paul A. Fox (p. 125).
  • Response by Steen Clemmensen (p. 126).
  • A silver armorial seal die found near Newark. By Clive Cheesman (pp. 127-30, with plate 5).

Review article

  • Heralds in the new DNB (Part II). By David Gelber (pp. 131-8).


  • Sutton and Visser-Fuchs, Royal Funerals of the House of York at Windsor. By Michael Hicks (pp. 139-41).
  • Mansell, Dressed for Success. By Thomas Woodcock (p. 141).
  • Degli Uberti and Pinotti, Storia del diritto nobiliare italiano vol. 1. By Clive Cheesman (pp. 142-3).

Additional notes

  • John Brooke-Little and the College of Arms Conservation Department. By Robert Yorke (p. 145).
  • The Conservation Department today. By Christopher Harvey (pp. 146-7).