Volume 3 (2007)

Part 1 (no 213)


  • John Brooke-Little (part 2) (pp. 1-8).


  • Argent a cross Gules. The origins and English use of the arms of Saint George. By Jonathan Good (pp. 9-18).
  • The ‘dragon-and-pearl’ motif on a medieval armorial roundel from Norfolk. By Steven Ashley (pp. 19-23, with plate 1).
  • Sir Henry Spelman investigates. By Richard Cust (pp. 25-34, with plates 2 and 3).
  • Death, commemoration and the heraldic funeral in Tudor and Stuart Cheshire and Lancashire. Part I. By Wendy Walters-Di Traglia (pp. 35-54, with plates 4 and 5).
  • ‘Ornamental for closet or house’: printed catalogues of the arms of London livery companies. By Ian Anders Gadd (pp. 55-66, with plate 6).

Shorter note

  • Thomas Jenyns’ book and its precursors. By Steen Clemmensen (pp. 67-8).
  • Response by Paul A. Fox (p. 68).

Congress review

  • XXVII International Congress of Heraldic and Genealogical Sciences. By George Lucki (pp. 69-74).

Exhibition review

  • Good Impressions (the British Museum). By Paul A. Fox (pp. 75-6).

Book reviews

  • Sainty and Heydel-Mankoo (edd.), World Orders of Knighthood and Merit. By Michael Powell (pp. 77-9).
  • Strong, Coronation. By Dale Hoak (pp. 79-80).
  • Groom, The Union Jack. By Dominick Donald (pp. 81-2).
  • Robinson, Grass Seed in June. By Alastair Langlands (pp. 82-3).
  • Malden and Malden (edd.), The Dunvegan Armorial. By Jackson W. Armstrong (pp. 83-5).

Part 2 (no 214)


  • A medieval armorial scabbard from Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn. By Steven Ashley (pp. 87-93).
  • The missing earl: Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, and the Order of the Garter. By Michael Burtscher (pp. 93-101).
  • Death, commemoration and the heraldic funeral in Tudor and Stuart Cheshire and Lancashire. Part II. By Wendy Walters-Di Traglia (pp. 103-16, with plates 1 and 2).
  • ‘Hark, what discord’: precedency among the early-Stuart gentry. By David Gelber (pp. 117-44).
  • Grants of arms in the early eighteenth century. By Peter O’Donoghue (pp. 145-58, with plates 3 and 4).

Shorter notes

  • The silver seal of Robert Fitzwalter, died 1235. By John Cherry (p. 159, with plate 5).
  • The Evelyn arms on a cistern? By Anton C. Zeven and Robert A. Laing of Colington (pp. 159-62, with plate 6).

Book reviews

  • Galloway, The Order of the Bath. By Andrew Hanham (pp. 163-6).
  • Carne, Curiously Painted. By Peter O’Donoghue (pp. 167-8).

Exhibition reviews

  • Timeless & Classic (at the Royal College of Art). By C. J. Jay (pp. 169-70).
  • Making the Act of Union 1707 (at the House of Lords). By Timothy Duke (pp. 170-1).