Volume 5 (2009)

Part 1 (no 217)


  • Lions charged with a cross potent: Central Asian ‘shoulder ornament’ on a twelfth-century buckle plate from Norfolk. By Steven Ashley (pp. 1-6, with plates 1 and 2).
  • The development of the Visitations. By Adrian Ailes (pp. 7-23).
  • The laws of arms of the provinces of Canada. By C. S. T. Mackie (pp. 25-38).

Review article

  • Heralds in the new DNB: part III. By C. J. Jay (pp. 39-43).

Gallery review

  • The Paul and Jill Ruddock Gallery of Medieval Europe (British Museum). By Jeremy Goldsmith (pp. 45-7).

Congress review

  • XXVIII International Congress of Heraldic and Genealogical Sciences. By Fergus Gillespie (pp. 49-50).

Book reviews

  • Lavers, The Natural History of Unicorns. By John Cherry (pp. 51-2).
  • Minima Heraldica 1 and 2. By Clive Cheesman (p. 52).

Part 2 (no 218)


  • Fourteenth-century ordinaries of arms. Part 2: William Jenyns’ Ordinary. By Paul A. Fox (pp. 55-64, with plates 1 and 2).
  • American guild arms in the Constitutional Processions of 1788. By Joseph McMillan (pp. 65-79, with plates 3 and 4).

Survey article

  • Internet heraldry: advantages, shortcomings and unused potential. By Jack Carlson (pp. 81-92).


  • Magnificence of the Tsars (V&A Museum), with Amelekhina and Levykin (edd.), Magnificence of the Tsars. By Peter O’Donoghue (pp. 93-5).
  • Karl der Kühne/Charles the Bold (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna), with Marti et al. (edd.), Splendour of the Burgundian Court. By Michael Göbl (pp. 95-7, with Plate 5a).
  • Coss and Tyerman (edd.), Soldiers, Nobles and Gentlemen. By Jeremy Goldsmith (pp. 97-8).

Project reports

  • Seals in Medieval Wales (Aberystwyth University and the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies). By Elizabeth New (pp. 99-100).
  • Corporate grants of arms since 1673 (the College of Arms with support from Brand Finance plc). By Clive Cheesman (pp. 100-8, with Plate 5b).