Volume 7 (2011)

Part 1 (no 221)


  • Five medieval sword pommels from Norfolk. By Steven Ashley (pp. 1-7, with plate 1).
  • Reynard in seals and heraldry. By John A. Goodall (pp. 8-10, with plate 2).
  • Signs, seals and symbols of imperial power 1600-1960: a view from H.M. Government. By Adrian Ailes (pp. 11-24, with plates 3-8).

Book reviews

  • Saul, English Church Monuments in the Middle Ages. By Peter O’Donoghue (pp. 25-7).
  • Nash, Of Irish Descent. By Sinead McEneaney (pp. 27-30).
  • De Minvielle-Devaux, The Laws of Arms in England, France & Scotland. By C. S. T. Mackie (pp. 30-2).


  • Heraldry beyond the heraldic journals, part two: 2006-10 (pp. 33-43).

Part 2 (no 222)


  • A further example of Central Asian ‘shoulder ornament’ on a proto-heraldic lion from Thetford. By Steven Ashley (pp. 45-8, with plate 1).
  • The right to possession of a grant of arms: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Commonwealth countries. By Richard d’Apice (pp. 49-56, with plate 2).
  • The arms of the Queen on the Bench: constitutional confusion over heraldic display in British Columbian courtrooms. By C. S. T. Mackie (pp. 57-80, with plate 3).


  • British Airways’ unbreakable promise. By Andrew Marsden (pp. 81-4, with plates 4 and 5).

Shorter note

  • The arms of Mure. By Dirk FitzHugh (pp. 85-6).

Book review

  • Woodcock and Flower (edd.), DBA 3. By Steven Ashley (p. 87).